An ADD Writer’s Life…

This is going to be short. I have been working on designing my website (already in its second rendition) since 12 PM EST and it is suddenly 5 PM. I am ravenous and my hips hurt because I have been so hyper-focused that I’ve hardly moved.

My husband’s had the TV on and I’ve heard Craig Laughlin and Joe Beninati’s voices in the dim recesses of my consciousness. We’re in the third period and losing. I only know this because I just asked what period we’re in. I also just looked up for the first time since sitting down. When I began editing earlier, it was ominous out and I saw the largest, fluffiest snow flakes of my life. The sun is preparing to set so it’s a blinding, yellow orb topped with one supercloud.

It’s been a productive day. It began with connecting to girlfriends and purchasing ISBN’s for my book. And I managed to reach out to someone who is helping me design a book cover. I’m powering off the computer and giving myself permission to eat a pbj on a low-carb tortilla. This might offset the chocolate lava cake truffles I snacked on while writing. But hey, a writer needs her sustenance and I have few vices these days.

Rachel Leigh

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