Sitting with discomfort


I’m six weeks out from the release of Soundtrack Of A Misfit. This is a busy and overwhelming time. I am ready to be done with edits and to-do’s. In my therapy practice, I often teach clients about dialectics. A dialectic is like a conundrum with polar opposites, such as Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader, Ying and Yang or feeling fear and excitement simultaneously. This is exactly how I feel about where I’m at with my memoir. I’m so over myself, rewrites and the emotional energy it’s taken to write the book. But I’m ecstatic that it’s really happening! It helps that I have a strong support team. I’m especially grateful to Ken The Book Coach for being a supportive writing coach/editor cum cheerleader.

I’m also grateful for a new friend on LinkedIn, Ana-Maria for encouraging me to embrace my bravery. She is posting 30 videos in 30 days. I’m used to seeing myself online in therapy sessions and in recovery meetings but recording videos of myself is a different ball game. I’m still feeling it out. But I did make my first video today and am sharing it with you.

Love and light,

Rachel Leigh


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