Feeling the Love

I’m feeling hopeful that Soundtrack Of A Misfit (SOAM) will reach its Kickstarter campaign funding goal. Thank you to all who have graciously contributed to birthing my memoir. I’ve read so often, that a writer’s life is a lonely one. I experienced detachment from my husband and friends during quarantine, not because of COVID, but because I needed to focus on rewrites and edits. Now my husband is massaging final edits and is experiencing how demanding a book can be.

The publishing process is teaching me that a book can’t have the life its meant to live without community. Thank you all for being part of SOAM’s and mine. In just two days, we’ve reached 20% (just over $1,000 dollars) of our funding goal. It truly does take a village and ‘we’re grateful that you’re a part of ours.

We have until April 25th to attain the Kickstarter campaign goal of $5,000. Please continue to spread the love and word. Consider posting about SOAM on your social media pages. Everyone who already contributed made it in time to be included in the original acknowledgements.

I will continue to give shout outs on my blog and in reprints (both in e-book and print formats).

We’re getting closer! SOAM launches April 21st.


Rachel Leigh

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